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What I learned from pacing a couple of girls I mentor through a half marathon. Click the pic to read the post.
I caught up with Leigh Gerson, one of the fastest chicks in the game right now to pick her brains about how she is so awesome. If you’re looking to be motivated and get off your ass today, you just found it. 
Click the pic to read the interview.
Over on my other blog, I’m giving a bit of a motivational pep talk today. Click the pic to check it out - let me know what you think.
Nail painting to pass the time while planking.
Adidas has launched their new women’s Spring/Summer line. Click the pic to check out some of the pieces.
Talking about an amazing online ballet class I did over the weekend on the site today. Click the pic to find out more.
So much liquid awesome by the end of one of these classes. #fitchicks #gym #boomcycle #girlswholift #weights #cycling
Today I admitted to myself that I’m actually not all that into running at the moment and I deferred my London Marathon place. On the blog I’m talking about why it’s OK to switch things up if you need to. Click the pic to give it a read.
H&M have expanded their sportswear range. YAY! Click the pic to check out more of the new collection.
Click the pic to check out my post about the online fitness community and the new wave of motivational bullying. Let me know your thoughts.